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Our Pentagon organization is involved in offering Copper Lightning Arrester of suitable quality and range to our clients. It has been produced by usage of copper and is able to completely arrests lightening and thunder owing to its ergonomic design. Available in latest range and specifications; Copper Lightning Arrester has sturdy construction and could be installed quite conveniently. We are offering this Copper Lightning Arrester at convenient price. We are the Best Lighting Arrester in Chennai We Also Give the Best result in Earthing And lighting Arrester in Chennai .We Are Specilased in Earthing And lighting Arrester in Chennai Best Earthing Arrester in Chennai Best Lighting Arrester in Chennai


earthing INR 3500 INR 3475 Safe Earthing Electrode It is a metal electrode which goes into the ground near the building. It helps in the efficient discharge of all the fault currents/ surge currents present in the electrical system. It also helps in dissipating the high voltages which are passed on through the lightning arrestors atop buildings. Back Fill Compounds These are earth enhancement compounds which have different properties depending on soil and other atmospheric conditions. Essentially, an ideal BFC has high electrical conductivity, moisture capture and retention abilities and anti corrosive properties. It works in tandem with the Safe Earthing Electrode. Together both form the efficient earthing system. True 1448212298
lighting arrester
lighting arrester INR 5000 INR 4975 Lightning Arrester It is a metallic device mounted at the highest point of the building to capture lightning strikes and direct it to the earth via a safe path thereby preventing it from flowing through the building's electrcial circuit. In the absence of the lightning arrester a lightning strike could destroy electrical equipment and cause harm to human life through electrocutions. True 1448212382
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